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Countryside Chargrilled BBQ

BBQ meat smoking is now offered at Country Club Gledswood Hills with our Countryside Chargrilled BBQ – with real smoke and real flavour. Our talented Chefs now have the ability to cook delicious briskets, ribs, pulled meats, fish and roasts, ensuring the meat is cooked slow and on low heat to provide members and guests with tender meats that fall off the bone on every mouthful.

Our Chefs passion for delivering high quality, innovative and enjoyable food is what drives us to constantly evolve and keep improving our offerings. The Countryside Chargrilled BBQ has temporarily been relocated to the back of the Brasserie (whilst we complete our New Destination) where it runs on a 12-hour timer at the desired temperature to give that unmistakable flavour by using ironbark wood as fuel.

Tantalise your taste buds with our range of rubs to heighten the smoke experience including, but not limited to, a Texas Rub comprised of sweet paprika, salt, black pepper, mustard and mild chilli or the Memphis Rub, which draws upon the flavours of salt, garlic, paprika, cumin and allspice. There will be a selection of meats, sides and flavours to choose from every weekend.

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Beef Brisket  

It's not just any old BBQ; it's a Radar Hill 30-inch reverse flow offset BBQ and is one of the best on the market. Patrons can sit out in the garden enjoying a beer or cider coupled with their beef brisket. Head Chef, Luke Risby and talented apprentice, Kurtis Stewart pride themselves on preparing the meat for the optimal flavour, sometimes cooking the meat up to 12 hours or more. 

Every weekend you'll be coming back for more with the succulent flavours of the beef brisket. Complete your plate with your choice of two sides from jacket potato, slaw, mac 'n' cheese or smoked corn drizzled in garlic butter.

You cant go wrong with the brisket flavours, and all for only $20M | $23V. Available until sold out. Subject to change without notice

Day/Time: Thursday - Saturday from 5.30pm & Sunday from 11.30am

Pork Ribs

The great rack of pork - meat originating in the rib area of the loin, containing more fat making them easier to keep moist in the long and slow smoking process, ultimately allowing the flavours to tantalise the taste buds. Cooking meat low and slow on a smoker has become a prevalent trend across Australia, with diners enjoying the smoky flavours and succulent texture it gives the meat. 

Dig into the pork ribs with slaw, smoked corn drizzled with garlic butter, beer battered onion rings and a house-made milk bun. Pair it up with a good Robert Oatley Signature Blend Shiraz or Cab Sauv, or if you prefer beer, choose a nice Golden or Pale Ale to set the flavours up. 

Half Rack: $25M | $28.75V | Full Rack: $35M | $40.25V. Available until sold out. Subject to change without notice

Day/Time: Thursday - Saturday from 5.30pm & Sunday from 11.30am

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Thursday - Saturday from 5.30pm 
Sunday from 11.30am